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1st Half Marathon!

It’s done! I did it! If you would’ve asked me one year ago if I ever thought I would run any kind of race with the word “marathon” in it, I would have laughed and said something sarcastic like, “Oh, yeah, of course, I’m all over that!” Yet here I am, a new woman, doing new things!

The race was crazy! John Ryan and I drove up to Bastrop, TX on Friday for packet pick-up….we entered the Hyatt Resort at Lost PInes and found ourselves in rolling hills! Steep hills…like, steep! We were admiring the amazing green trees and landscaping, when we noticed a little white sign that read, “4 MILES”….we both looked at each other and I began to freak out a little….about 2 minutes later, another sign, “5 MILES”….it was true!! We were driving the race course…all that was heard in the car for the next 30 seconds was, “NO WAY!!”, “UH-UH”, “IS THIS A JOKE?”!!! I instantly realized that this race was gonna be the most challenging thing I had ever put myself up to! First of all, because of a crazy last few weeks, I had only gotten up to 8 miles in my training…Secondly, I live in Corpus Christi, we don’t have hills!! Um…I take that back, we do have ONE….but let’s be honest, I avoid it if I can…who wants to suffer through that?!! So, needless to say, I was severely unprepared for what was about to happen!!

We stayed with Melissa and Tristan in Austin that night and had an awesome time being with them!! We have so much fun when we are all together!!

I got a good nights sleep, thankfully, until the part where I woke up at 3AM and couldn’t go back to sleep because of my crazy nerves! My dreams were full of miles and miles of long, high, rolling hills….really steep ones!! Eventually, 5:15 did come and after pulling myself together…I woke John Ryan up and we were off!! The race started at 7:30AM and my amazingly supportive husband and I arrived with only a few minutes to spare…so by the time we had shuttled to the Start Line I only had time for a quick port-o-potty run before the National Anthem was sounding and it was time to start running!

ZOOMA is a women’s race series so there were women everywhere…and a few brave men participated as well! I have honestly never seen so many fit people in one place!! It was inspiring!

The first few miles were honestly a breeze…I had settled into a good pace and my gate felt comfy…I was good to go….then mile 4 came…remember mile 4 from earlier? Yeah, I was anticipating the torture…and then I arrived.  I’m always amazed at how God designed our bodies…the adrenaline kicked in and I began to push my way up and over those hills…all of a sudden, they weren’t so bad…and by the time I had figured that out, they were gone!! I can’t even remember most of it…I must have been in a major zone!

I, surprisingly didn’t hit my wall until mile 11….the reason? Well, at the 11th mile we entered a beautifully landscaped golf course…the problem was that the course zig-zagged tightly for the last 2 miles….I could see the runners at the end and they were so small!! I just thought, “How am I gonna get to that point?!”….I decided to focus on the path immediately ahead of me and push through…it worked!

What really helped me get to the end was the fuel!! I had awesome little fruit bites and chewable energy!! I needed every one of those little suckers!! And JR bought me the coolest little belt that holds fun stuff like that!! I had the best set-up ever!!

Special thanks to Tristan Summers for (unknowingly) letting me borrow head phones for my music! I forgot to grab mine and I never could have finished the race without David Crowder singing to me the whole way!


Distance- 13.1 miles
Time- 2:10:34

546th of 1,390, Overall
451st of 1,239, Female
93rd of 236, 25-29 Age Bracket

You can watch me cross the Finish Line here

Here I am smiling at all the wonderful Facebook comments I received during the race!

Training update!

As most of you know, one of my goals for 2011 is to run my first half marathon. Well, I have officially registered for one on April 16th in Austin, TX!!

Growing up I played pretty much any sport, if there was opportunity…officially, I only played softball and basketball…but I would have called myself “hardcore” at the time. I ran a lot, but mostly sprints. Long distance running was never something I even attempted. In college, I was awaken to the world of “exercise”…running for the sake of overall health and fitness, not just stamina.

About a year before John Ryan and I got married, I decided to push myself a little harder, to see my potential…I got up to about 3 miles a day and then plateaued…I had zero knowledge concerning what my body really needed to accelerate. Now, mind you, it was great exercise and I was actually loosing weight as well, but what I didn’t know then was that that’s not the best approach for keeping my body fit and free from injury. John Ryan came into my life and everything changed, contextually and literally!

This past year and a half has been a major learning curve for me with figuring out how to listen to my body and staying on top of a specific workout program, but it has been wonderful! I can honestly say I have never felt better!! AND I don’t suffer from random injuries as often as I used to…I mean, heck, I haven’t been to see a chiropractor once this year!

All that to say…John Ryan and I are a part of this brand new running group called the Sol Runners…Our first run was New Year’s Day…it was a 5K (that’s 3.1 miles)…what’s so great about this group is that we get together to run every 1st saturday of every month absolutely FREE! Also, this month they offered a 10K (6.2 miles), which I am proud to say I participated in! My first 10K!!! The group was much smaller and there were several walkers…but I felt as if I’d really accomplished something awesome!! 

This is the furthest I have run to date…and I finished it in 1 hour and 3 minutes…. I might be well on my way to ripping that half marathon to shreds!!

The Birthday Boy!

The 11th of January was a very special day….it was John Ryan’s birthday!! He’s gettin’ on up there with his now 24 years of experience with life…I’m thinking he’s still got a 0% chance of ever catching up to me, though. Sad, but true!

His birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, the 2nd Tuesday, to be exact….and every second Tuesday we have our YBP (Young Busness Professionals of the Coastal Bend) meeting….so, because of this, I planned to take him out to celebrate on Monday instead.  Being the frugal wife that I am, I searched my wallet for giftcards and found one to one of our favorite restraurants, Thai Cottage (thanks, Katie Kline)!!  Also, we experienced a little bit of drama the last time we went to a movie and, therefore, received two free 3D movie credits!! Call me cheap, but since John Ryan really appreciates this quality of mine, I thought using my noggin to come up with something that wouldn’t cost us might end up being the best gift ever for him!! And….it was!! We had a delicious meal and enjoyed a fun movie (we saw “The Tourist”)…all for about 6 bucks!! Pretty stinkin’ sweet!!

He woke up the next morning to find the kitchen table laden with gifts!! We had coffee with John and Paula while John Ryan opened each of his treasures!! He got everything he wanted!! A new ESV study Bible, a really nice black belt for work, a giftcard to Academy, and an itunes giftcard!! After our YBP meeting that evening, we went over to the Kline’s house for little party! We spent the night playing “What’s your’s like?” (which is actually a really hilarious game)!! We had a great time and made some fun memories! (Mom, you’re influencing me)

PS. Our cat Redbox was taking a nap under some blankets and it was too cute to leave out. Also we are pretty far behind in blogging and hope to get you guys up to date soon!