More crazy days…

It’s already been over a week since I last blogged! Just when I feel like I’m getting in a routine, life gets crazy again! Well, I have news about our “raw month journey”…it’s over. Yes, it’s true, we decided to break our “one exception raw food commitment”. Honestly, I didn’t plan well.  In my excitement over getting healthy and trying something new, I didn’t take into account what it might do to our bodies…let’s just say, going raw, good idea…going raw cold turkey, bad idea!

What we loved about being raw for one week: Eating fresh, raw foods is, in my opinion, the best way to detox! Both John Ryan and I felt so good after just the first day! I actually lost 4 lbs and started to really feel thinner (you ladies know what I mean) We love knowing that what we’re eating is good for our bodies!

What was difficult about eating raw: For me, it was a little seemed I was always either preparing food, shopping for food, or thinking and planning our meals…Also, because we continued to workout regularly, we were having a hard time replenishing our calories…we both began to lack energy…

What we learned in one week: Don’t try to be so hardcore!! Our bodies need to be warned…I think if we had begun to gradually take cooked foods out of our diet we would have been much more successful…cutting everything out all at once was what hurt us!

Our plan now is to eat at least 50% raw. All that means is that I’m conscious of including raw foods in all of our meals and our snacks are raw…it’s going well…this new plan is much more realistic and doable for us! Obviously, we’ve had good day and bad days, but overall…I think this is the way to go for us!! What’s so insane to me is that it seemed so intense, yet we had two exception meals in those 7 days!!

Needless to say, we definitely found our favorite detox plan for the next time we need one!