Another exception already…really?

John Ryan and I spent most of yesterday anticipating a very special event!! Some of our favorite two people got married..finally!!!  Stephen and Sara are like our “fun all the time” friends…you know how some people can make any place or activity seem like the coolest thing ever? Well, that’s them, and we love spending time with them!! We knew their wedding would be an event to remember..and it was!! We were mostly excited about the dance party…

Those of you who weren’t at our wedding may not know how exciting dance parties are to JR and I…I mean, we were thinking about it pretty much all day! Our expectations for S & S’s wedding were met and exceeded! All the best dance songs were played and it seemed like everyone participated…which is what makes it so fun! We were SOAKED by the second song and stayed that way until almost 11PM when the festivities were over!! Amazing couple, amazing wedding!!

I was asked to help my dear friend, Avery, with her hair for the wedding (she was a bridesmaid) and while I was there, I managed to do 3 other up-dos! Hair – pretty much my favorite pastime. Who knows, maybe I’ll start up my own business one day…Big Day Stylists…one day.

Now to food….

On Saturday, we made a green smoohie for breakfast…had a yummy salad for lunch…snacked on some nuts…and found ourselves starving by the time the wedding was over…so, we made another exception…I KNOW, but it gets worse!! Not only did we have the coconut curry rice along with the grilled veggies…we also had CAKE!! I just couldn’t pass it up! I’ve seriously been craving chocolate cake since birth and no amount seems to satiate the desire…I saw it, I wanted it, I took it!! I’m pretty sure I could write a Bible study on the dangers of that mentality…but I won’t!!! And it wasn’t just me either, John Ryan had carrot cake…which sounds healthier, but we all know the truth! We could definitely never be completely raw for life, but the changes we have made are still improving our health, so that makes me happy!

Today, Sunday, we had bananas and raw peanut butter for breakfast and another yummy salad, this time with oranges, avocados, and nuts, for lunch….mmmm! Our afternoon snack: broccoli, dried bananas, green beans, and strawberries.  For dinner we enjoyed more snacking: a carrot, green beans, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and an orange!

On Sunday nights, John Ryan an I are leading a super cool group of high schoolers through a book study this summer. The book is Gospel in Life:Grace Changes Everything by Tim Keller. If you haven’t gone through this study yet, make plans to do it soon! It’s an amazingly fresh look at how all things are redeemed through grace and it walks you through what our role, as Christians, truly is within our cities and communities. We’re so excited about doing this study…especially, with THIS group of kids!!

I plan to start posting pictures again soon, once we get some tech things figured out…I promise!!


4 thoughts on “Another exception already…really?”

  1. Bethany, one thing I’ve learned in my 52 years: Don’t deprive yourself. Deprivation leads to obsession and obsession to will lead you to excess. All things in moderation. Besides, we just gotta have some chocolate now and then!

  2. Exceptions are totally ok..I think anyway! It’s such a hard jump! And at least you are still doing it. I did ok that one day but was just too nauseated to do it any longer. Guess I am not as hard core of a preggo woman as I thought I could be!

  3. Bethany!!!! I have been doing raw food some and I had a couple things to tell you! I went to listen to a raw foods speaker and I thought he gave some great advice…he said that with raw foods you are learning to be in harmony…with God, with your body and with other people! He was saying that you should never deprive yourself especially when at a special occasion(partially for yourself and also so your friends who aren’t raw don’t feel uncomfortable since you are trying to be in harmony). He recommended when in tricky situations try to eat mostly veggies if you can (even if cooked) and from there eat minimally on other stuff BUT if you want cake eat cake! Just try not to over indulge. Then the next day (when your back home and more in control of what is available) do a detox with lots of lemon water and green smoothies for the day! He has been raw for like 10 years so he is pretty realistic about things. I hope this helps 🙂 looks like you’re doing awesome!!!

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