3rd day and exception #1….

This morning was a busy one for me…mentally. Time and mental energy for food preparation may prove to be my greatest challenge in this “raw” business! I find that once I get started on a kick, it has the potential to consume my thoughts entirely! I’m constantly thinking about what I can make next and if I’m not on my cute little laptop (thank you, JR!) looking at raw food blogs and recipes then I’m longing to be!! I may have spent 2.5 hours looking up recipes this afternoon…this may be an illness, I’m not sure…

Breakfast- fresh pineapple slices, strawberry slices, banana slices, and a few blackberries!

Lunch- Jr and I didn’t get to have lunch together today, but I sent him to work with 1 orange, 1 apple, cucumber pieces, green beens, sugar snap peas, 1 carrot, and some sea salted sunflower seeds to snacks on….As for me, I enjoyed green beans, some broccoli, a few strawberries, cashews, and a couple of prunes.

Dinner- Today we had dinner with some friends, Peter & Lisa, so it was our 1st exception day…I know what you’re thinking…”you’re only three days in!!”…I know, but that’s how the cookie crumbled this go ’round…Oooo, cookies!! Note to self: Find awesome raw cookie recipe! Anyway, for dinner we had Mediterranean lentil soup over rice with a beautiful salad and homemade salad dressing! Scrumptious!! We had a wonderful time visiting…they are such fun peeps!!

Dessert- There is an amazing restaurant here in Corpus called Yin Yang Fandango & The Tango Tea Room…I know it’s a mouthful, but it’s seriously one of our favorite places to eat mostly because of their awesome variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes…not to mention desserts!  One of these desserts has become my all-time fave and I think I have a slice pretty much every time we go in! It’s a chocolate avocado pie!!! You would not believe how yummy it is!! SOOO, I attempted to recreate it for dessert tonight…I used this recipe and just tweaked it a little until I was satisfied with the flavor. I seriously could not stop tasting it, AND I spent like 5 whole minutes licking every utensil and bowl afterwards!! It was amazing!! Peter & Lisa thought it was great, their daughter (age 5…hmm, or 6?), on the other hand, could sense something was off about the pie…a major disappointment for her, I think…she asked me if it even had sugar in it!! Hilarious…

Random side-note: Tonight, Redbox, our kitty baby, got chased up a tree in our front yard by an ugly black cat…John Ryan rescued her! Yay, for heros!!


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  1. I love reading your blog! I want to know all about this adventure! Keep it coming! I can’t wait to taste that pie. So you will have to fix it for me the next time I come and if I bring your Dad I will be sure to pack an ice chest filled with goodies for him.

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