Homemade Toothpaste!

What we didn’t know about becoming vegetarians, is that Bethany and I would become more and more health conscious than we have ever been. Becoming vegetarians has opened our minds to the benefits of raw foods, healthy living AND the dangers of processed foods, chemicals, and pesticides. If I can eliminate a chemical from my life, I will.

About a month ago I heard a friend say that floride  kills a bacteria on our teeth that helps them rebuild themselves naturally. He said he had a cavity and someone told him to stop using fluorinated toothpaste. He stopped using fluorinated toothpaste and his cavity went away.

I was intrigued. I had to look this up. So I went to Wikipedia. Just kidding, I use Goggle scholar. As I searched though scientific journals and abstracts I found that floride is highly debated and the majority consensus is that it isn’t safe and can cause cancer. According to the IAOMT (International Academy of  Oral Medicine and Toxicology) floride in only effective in tooth decay at high, cancer causing, levels.

Because of this, I took time to make some awesome natural toothpaste. Here is the link to the directions.

We have been using this toothpaste for a month now and I can say that this toothpaste is awesome. I feel cleaner and fresher.

Next post I write will be about the importance of flossing.

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