Maria & Etienne

Once a week Bethany and I have double date with our friends Maria and Etienne Couret. We have some of the greatest times with them. Maria is from Colombia and Etienne is from France. Needless to say, our evenings are full of Spanish, French, and amazing food. Because all of us love to cook so much, we spend the whole evening cooking and don’t even eat till about 9:30. But we love it. Every week we pick a different ethic food to try our hand at. We have done French, Italian, Colombian, and Cajun. It has been amazing every time. Nothing has been a dud.

Last night we made French food again. We had Kir, Blioni with Smoked Salmon, Morocccan Couscous, Rack of Lamb Persillade, and Chocolate Crème brûlée. It was out of this world! Man it was good.
But the best part was spending time with some close friends. Sadly Maria and Etienne are moving to Chicago on August 9th. That is why we have been cooking weekly. We want to soak up as much of them as we can before they leave. We will miss you guys.

All the recipes(except the Crème brûlée) came from Barefoot in Paris: Easy French Food You Can Make at Home by Ina Garten.

Here are some photos from last night.

6 thoughts on “Maria & Etienne”

  1. I love you two so much….I cried just looking at the pictures. I miss you both and all out adventures together and eating at our table and laughing for hours.
    I am so sad Marie and Etienne are moving….I know you two will miss them so.

  2. Wow, the photos are amazing and the food looks delicious! So sad that they’ll be moving to Chicago.

  3. Is that Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) that I see with the vegetables. If so, I love to use Quinoa! It is a great substitute for rice and is high in protein!

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